Information on the data manager:
Name: Elevenpark Kft.  
Registered seat: 2085 Pilisvörösvár, Szent Erzsébet u. 45.
Company registration number: 13-09-130348
Court responsible for company register: Pest County Court as Court of Registration
E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Reference identification number of the data manager:
The registration of the data manager is in progress.
Moreover, the institutions listed on the and website are also regarded as ‘data manager’.
(hereinafter referred to as: „Data Manager“)

The definition of data management:
The data management is on a voluntary basis, and it may be initiated upon users’ definite and conscious approval based on the information provided in this data management regulation, during the registration to FunAndMore. The registration to FunAndMore shall be deemed as a consent to data management.

Legal basis of the data management:
The legal basis of the data management is the voluntary contribution of the user based on paragraph (1) of section 3 of the Act No. LXIII/1992 on the protection of personal data and on the disclosure of data of public interest, as well as based on paragraph (1) of section 5 of the Act No. CXII/2011 after the 1st of January 2012 [hereinafter jointly referred to as “Avtv.” (law on data protection)].

Effect of the data management regulation:
This data management regulation refers solely to the data management related to FunAndMore membership.

Scope of the managed data:
During the paper-based registration, the user gives his/her surname, name, birth date and email address. During the online registration, the user enters his/her password, surname, name, birth date, email address, home address (country, zip code, city, street address), phone number (hereinafter: “Data”). Besides these data, no other data is needed, since these are deleted automatically.

Transfer of data:
During the data management, the Data manager shall carry out its activities in such a way that it transfers these Data to the partner institutions listed on the partnereink website and to the advertising partners listed on the website. In respect of these Data, these institutions shall also be deemed as Data Manager. Besides these institutions, such Data shall not be disclosed and forwarded to third parties, shall not be available to the public and shall not be connected with other data management activities.

Purpose of the data management:
1. In case of the Data provided by the user, the purpose of the data management is

  • the identification and checking of the user’s authorization (i.e. granting of access to the services),
  • issuance of a personal FunAndMore ID card,
  • birthday invitation of the user to the FunAndMore partner institutions,
  • possibility of sending additional services ordered by the user (e.g. notifications, newsletters, program offers, loyalty programs, promotions, advertisements, hereinafter: “Additional services”). The Data Manager undertakes that it shall send any Additional Service only upon prior request and approval of the users, and in such cases, it shall ensure the opportunity of terminating communication services similar thereto.
  1. The Data Manager shall not use the Data for purposes other than those specified. The Data Manager shall hand over the Data to third parties only in case of voluntary and conscious consent based on prior detailed information. This does not refer to those cases when the data transmission is required by law.

Duration of the data management:
The duration of the data management starts from the registration of the user until the user leaves FunAndMore. The Data Manager shall delete all user data from the system within 3 working days after the user has left FunAndMore.

Waiver for Additional services
The user may withdraw his/her consent to Additional Services without any explanation and free of charge, by sending a letter to the Data manager (2085 Pilisvörösvár, Csendbiztos utca 17. A/1. ép.) or by electronic means (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The Data manager shall not send Additional Services to the user from the day of withdrawal of the consent.

Additional information:
1. The Data Manager stores the data in physical (paper) and digital form. The access to the managed data is possible only for the authorized persons among the colleagues taking part in the provision of services related to the managed Data.
 In order to guarantee Data security, the Data manager shall apply at least the minimum-level protection system used in the sector and undertakes to update and expand it on a regular basis, and it shall take all reasonable efforts to ensure that unauthorized persons do not have access to the managed Data.
2. The Data manager does not use data processing for the data management.
3. The interested parties may enjoy all the rights defined by “Avtv.”, therefore the user may request information on the management of his/her data at any time and may request the correction or modification of his/her Data at any time, by means of letter addressed to the Data Manager or email. Should the user deem that the data management is unlawful, then he/she may contact the data protection commissioner (Data Protection Commissioner’s Office, 1051 Budapest, Nádor u. 22.) or the court in order to enforce his/her rights.
4. In line with its obligations set out by the “Avtv.”, the Data Manager shall delete the managed Data if (a) the data management activity is unlawful; (b) it is requested by the user; (c) the data is incomplete or incorrect -, provided that the deletion is not precluded by law; (d) the purpose of the data management no longer exists or the data storage defined by law has expired; (e) data protection commissioner or court ordered to do so.
5. The Data Manager shall immediately inform the user concerned on the possible correction or deletion.
6. The sites of the Data Manager may contain references, links to websites maintained by other service providers, where the Data Manager has no control whatsoever on the data management practice. We hereby inform you that, if you click on such links, you will jump to websites of other service providers. Such websites are not and may not be controlled by the Data Manager, therefore the Data Manager does not assume any liability for the data disclosure and privacy procedures of such websites. In such cases, please read the statement of the service providers of such websites on the protection of personal data.
7. Should any part of this Data Management Regulation be invalid or unenforceable, then this will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of this Data Management Regulation, which will remain valid and enforceable.
8. This Data Management regulation and the management of data shall be governed by the laws of Hungary, with the exclusion of the international private law rules and principles. The Parties shall make all efforts to resolve any disputes, claim, question or discrepancy arising from this Data Management Regulation in an amicable manner.

By my signature,

  • I hereby authorize the registration of my child to FunAndMore and, pursuant to the FunAndMore Data Management Regulation, I give my consent on behalf of my child to the management of my child’s data and to forward them to the Data Managers listed on partnereink and hu websites.
  • I hereby request and give my consent for the Data Manager to send notifications, newsletters, program offers, loyalty programs, promotions and advertisements for my child, to the addresses indicated by me.

I am aware that my consent is given voluntarily and it may be revoked at any time, by means of the addresses indicated in the Data Management Regulation.
Parent’s signature